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Quality LASIK & Vision Care in Westlake Village

close up of shot of smiling young womanIf you’re interested in enhancing your vision or have a problem that needs care, you want a team that you can trust to handle things safely and effectively. At Global LASIK & Cataract Institute, we offer state-of-the-art treatments performed by experienced specialists. We’re proud to serve residents across Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks from our comfortable and inviting eye care center.

We use our variety of tools and treatments to tailor your experience to your individual needs. Our goal is to help you enjoy a lifetime of great vision, and we have the technology and skill to help you achieve it. Ready to take the next step on your journey to clearer vision? Contact our Westlake Village office and schedule your consultation today!


Compassionate, Personalized Eye Care

Smiling mature patient consulting with optometrist for an eye checkupWhen you visit our office, you are more than just a name on a chart. We take the time to get to know you personally, understand your challenges and goals, and determine what will prove most helpful for you. We never try to sway you toward a particular treatment; instead, we present all of your options so that you can make a confident, educated choice.

Our team knows that whether you’re visiting us for treatment or you want to enhance your eyesight, seeking care is a big decision. That’s why we take steps to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. You’ll find our staff to be friendly, welcoming, and accommodating from the moment you step through our door. If you have questions about your treatment, the technology we use, or what you can expect during your care, we’re happy to provide the answers you need.

“I had my consultation for LASIK here a couple weeks ago. All I can say is the staff is beyond amazing. I had never felt so welcomed into such a friendly environment. The staff answered every single one of my questions. Like most people, I had so many questions and was nervous about the procedure, but they calmed every single one of my nerves. Overall, the staff is absolutely amazing, and I would definitely recommend scheduling a consultation if you have any questions or nerves regarding the procedure.” - Julieta D.

A Modern Eye Care Center in Westlake Village

Young doctor sitting at table in medical officeAt Global LASIK & Cataract Institute, it’s important to us that we’re able to provide you with the highest level of care. That’s why we strive to stay at the forefront of the latest technology and treatment techniques in our field. Our experienced ophthalmologists and skilled staff work together to ensure you’re receiving top-of-the-line care.

Our office is equipped with a variety of lasers that use different wavelengths and strengths. This allows us to select the most appropriate tool for your unique treatment and physiology so that your care is specifically tailored to you. Each of our doctors is highly trained in the use of each of these advanced tools, so you’re in good hands at every stage of your care. Being able to offer this flexible, personalized approach means more effective treatment and faster healing times for you no matter what procedure you’re visiting us for.

What to Expect When You Visit our Westlake Village Practice

Side view shot of female doctor and patient in ophthalmology clinicYou’ll find our office on the southwest corner of Townsgate Rd and Village Glen. This location is conveniently close to both the 101 and the 23, giving you quick access to quality vision care from anywhere in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. We’re located in Westlake Plaza, a large outlet center with plenty of parking and handicap accessibility.

Visits to our office are designed to be efficient and relaxed, whether you’re coming in for a consultation or complete treatment. You won’t be faced with long wait times or crowded situations, and our staff makes every effort to be friendly and helpful throughout your visit. If you come in for a consultation, we use a variety of videos and visual aids to help you understand the procedure completely. We provide full price breakdowns and packets of information for you to take home, so you can take your time making an informed decision.

Post-treatment, we stay in frequent contact to ensure that your healing process goes smoothly and that you see results. Multiple follow-ups are included as part of your treatment, where we monitor your case closely and work with you to create a positive healing experience.

Your Path to Better Vision Starts Here

Whether you’re in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, or any of our surrounding communities, you’ll find the care you need with us. Global LASIK & Cataract Institute is committed to helping you live your best life through high-quality, modern treatments from a team that genuinely cares about you. We’re excited to help you achieve your best vision, and we want to make the whole experience a positive one for you! Reach out to our Westlake Village team to get started today!