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High-End LASIK Surgery in Westlake Village, CA

happy couple outdoorsIf you rely on contacts or glasses to help you navigate daily life, it could be time for you to consider LASIK. At Global LASIK & Cataract Institute, we offer LASIK treatment using state-of-the-art technology manned by our experienced and highly trained eye surgeons. Our cutting-edge treatment is tailored specifically to your needs to deliver the best possible results.

If you’re ready to trade in your glasses or contacts for clearer vision, we’re here for you. Our combination of quality treatment and exceptional patient care has served countless patients across Westlake Village and beyond. Don’t put off your chance at great vision and a better quality of life. Contact our office and schedule your free consultation today!


Is LASIK Right for Me?

close up of african american man smilingLASIK is a type of surgery using high-end lasers to reshape the eye to alter how images are received. This change can make the picture clearer, improving eyesight and reducing or eliminating the need for corrective lenses. LASIK tends to be most effective for individuals who have:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

The severity of your condition will determine the effectiveness of your LASIK treatment. It’s also important that your eyes are healthy and that you are in good general health to ensure a successful healing process. Our eye surgeons will perform tests to determine if you will be a good candidate for LASIK.

Why Choose Global LASIK & Cataract Institute?

man getting his eyes checked out by female eye doctorWhen it comes to your vision, you need to know that you’re getting the best possible care right from the start. Our experienced eye surgeons combine innovative techniques and high-end treatment with exceptional customer service. We know how significant this decision is for you, and we do everything we can to demonstrate that you’re in the right hands.

Our team is friendly, and our office is clean, comfortable, and modern. We explain your treatment options clearly and answer any question with patience and understanding. You’ll never feel judged, and you’ll never be pressured to choose a specific treatment. We take ample time to get to know you personally so that we can understand your goals and concerns and meet them with customized care.

We tailor your treatment down to the finest detail. Our office is equipped with several different lasers of varying strengths and wavelengths, so we can choose the one that best suits your physiology. This range affords us higher precision so that you can enjoy better results and a quicker healing time. With our help, you’ll experience improved vision and a positive experience.

Getting LASIK in our Westlake Village Practice

There are four stages to our LASIK treatment, and at each phase, we strive to deliver comfort and confidence in our care. We follow your lead in setting the pace for your treatment, ensuring you always know what will happen and have the chance to ask any question.


Your LASIK journey at our Westlake Village eye care center starts with a free comprehensive consultation with our oral surgeon. We understand that a consultation for LASIK can feel intimidating, which is why we do everything we can to help you feel informed and empowered. First, our team will get to know you to understand your situation and your goals. We’ll answer any questions you have and explain the process in detail. Our doctor uses videos and visual aids to help make the treatment clear and easy to follow.

After this, we perform several detailed tests that provide in-depth information about your eyes and your vision issues. Once we’ve confirmed that you are a good candidate for LASIK, the doctor will discuss your options. We want you to completely understand all treatments available to you and the time you need to decide with confidence.

Our office will provide a counselor for you to meet with who can discuss your options, treatment details, and a complete breakdown of the cost. We offer multiple avenues to help you supplement treatment costs, including CareCredit, Wells Fargo financing, and our own in-house financing options. Once you’ve decided to receive LASIK, the counselor can schedule your treatment. We typically try to set your treatment date within a two-week window and make efforts to accommodate your busy schedule.

When you leave our office, we provide a folder with all the details about your treatment, including the process, expectations, cost, and steps to take before your procedure. We can also call in any prescriptions you need or have them delivered for your convenience. If you have any questions or concerns, you can schedule a second consultation with the surgeon to ask us anything. We want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible, and our team is always ready to provide answers without pressure or judgment.

On the day of your procedure, you’ll be scheduled for a two-hour appointment. You will need someone to drive you to the office who can provide care and assistance after your treatment is complete.

It’s common to feel some stress or anxiety before treatment, and our team works closely with you to help you relax before your procedure. Once you’re ready, our experienced eye surgeon will perform the treatment, which takes only ten minutes to complete. We provide clear protective shields for your eyes to keep them safe while they heal. Your vision will be blurry right after treatment as your eyes adjust.

Once your appointment is complete, your driver can take you home to rest. We schedule an immediate follow-up for the next day so that we can evaluate your results. If you have any questions or concerns, our office has a 24/7 emergency line so you can speak to the doctor and get the care you need quickly.

We schedule follow-up appointments with our office at the two-week, one-month, and three-month mark after your procedure. Our goal is to monitor your treatment progress and ensure that the healing is going smoothly, and your vision has improved. We can schedule more follow-ups as needed, and we stay in open communication to make sure everything is going well. You never have to feel as though you’re uncertain of what’s going on or what your next steps are.

Your Center for LASIK in Westlake Village

At Global LASIK & Cataract Institute, we’re determined to provide you with the best possible LASIK service. We care not only about your results but about your entire treatment experience. When you visit our practice, you’ll know your vision is in great hands from the moment you step through our door. Schedule your free consultation today and discover if LASIK can make a difference in your life!